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Try Commander One as an alternative to FileZilla for Mac

Filezilla is a great FTP client Mac solution, however, missing a bunch of useful and essential features that you can find in Commander One. This FileZilla Mac alternative could be a cup of tea for each user as it offers fast and convenient work with your files, work with cloud computing services, and way more.
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Yoo-hoo! Commander One runs natively on Mac computers with Apple silicon: M1 and M2 series!
Commander One

Free Finder alternative solution

Commander One is an excellent replacement for Finder as well as an enhanced alternative to Filezilla for Mac solution. The app has a classic dual-pane interface to smooth your workflow and offers a great set of features. Have a better Finder visual experience with Commander One.
Commander One main window
Manager file Approved by Christian Ghisler as Total Commander for Mac

Advanced file manager for Mac

Commander One is not just a file manager that could handle multiple tasks at the same time but could also be used as an FTP alternative to FileZilla on Mac if needed. The app offers convenient file management and complete control over your files. Commander One brings file management to the next level.

Ability to display hidden files

View and access hidden files with ease

Choose fonts & colors

Ability to create your own style

Brief mode

Thumbnail preview instead of an icon for more convenient work

History and Favorites

Quickly navigate to the files/folders you need
essentials at your fingertips

Support for Hotkeys

Get full support for hotkeys and assign them to any actions

As many tabs as needed

Ability to open the required number of folders

Convenient work with files

Choose only those files you need to work with

Support for file operation queue

Seamless work with files and adding them to the queue
wide range of features for free

Work with ZIP format

ZIP archives can be modified without the need for rearchiving

Preview of any file types

Ability to view files of various formats: text, media, image, HTML, Hex, Binary, etc.

Network places

Local network computers are displayed in a convenient form of the list

Root Access

Get full access to the root directory of your Mac

Commander One VS FileZilla

# Features Commander One FileZilla
1 Convenient interface
2 Drag and Drop files
3 Files encryption
4 Edit files on the server
5 Queuing file operations
6 Supports WebDAV
7 Supports cloud connections
8 Automatic reconnection

Use a Filezilla Equivalent – Commander One

FTP Server Connection

In the case of Filezilla similar software includes Commander One - an outstanding FTP client, which can be used to manage data on the FTP server. To get your macOS connected to an FTP, follow these easy steps:

Download the app. Install and launch it.
Click the + button to add a new connection. Select the FTP/SFTP icon, enter all necessary data and credentials (name, FTP type, server, port, login, password, etc.), and hit Connect.
 FTP/FTPS Connection in Commander One
Enjoy easy file management with our dual-pane interface FileZilla replacement app!

PRO Pack features

FileZilla alternative Mac solution with extended functionality. Try Commander One PRO Pack features for 15 days absolutely free of charge and benefit from the enhanced file management.


Amazon S3

Google Drive


OpenStack NEW

Backblaze B2 NEW

Box cloud NEW

FTP client for Mac

WebDAV protocol

Mount iOS devices

Mount Android devices

Mount MTP devices

Process manager

Terminal emulator

Compress and extract

Set of Themes

Managing all your clouds and network servers

Log in to multiple cloud accounts from one spot without downloading separate apps for each of them. Increase your productivity and improve your file management thanks to this FileZilla client Mac alternative.
Commander One FTP connection screenshot
Mac OS FTP client

Commander One is a perfect replacement for FileZilla FTP client for Mac when it comes to FTP transfer. The app allows using FTP with SSL or establishing connection via SFTP.

Dealing with the files on the server gets more convenient and easier. In addition, all your login credentials are securely kept in macOS Keychain.
Amazon S3 client

Commander One is a great choice when you need to work with Amazon Simple Storage Service along with S3-compatible storages. Obtain a high level of professional file management and benefit from a powerful set of features.

Link the entire Amazon account or choose certain buckets and enjoy flawless management of your data.

WebDAV client

Commander One is a very convenient file navigator and client for working with WebDAV protocols.It showed itself excellently when working with files on Mac OS and when transferring data via remote access.

Upload, download, edit, create, view, etс - all these file operations are possible on remote servers thanks to this FileZilla Mac OS replacement.


Your numerous Dropbox accounts can be easily accessed through Commander One interface without copying your online data to your Mac. The app allows mounting cloud storages as network drives thus sharing online files and folders absolutely hassle free.

Commander One also supports work with Dropbox Business.

Google Drive

Thanks to seamless Google Drive file storage integration, Commander One allows managing your documents in Google Drive using a two-pane interface as well as connecting multiple Google accounts to work with files.

Access and work with your Google Drive files without copying them to your Mac. “Shared with me”section is also supported.


With Commander One you can easily set up your OneDrive accounts as local drives and deal with your online files as if they are located on your computer.

Dual panel design of the app facilitates the work with your files and folders allowing you to perform all the necessary operations with files without constant switching between tabs.

OpenStack Swift NEW

Download FileZilla alternative for Mac Commander One and connect OpenStack Object Storage without synchronizing online content on your Mac computer.

The app supports mounting as many OpenStack SWIFT accounts as needed and guarantees convenient work with online files.

Box cloud NEW

Commande One allows simultaneously mounting any number of Box accounts and moving files between accounts with ease. The app supports work with online files right from the context menu. Download, upload, share files right from Commander One interface.

Benefit from the convenient file management.

Backblaze B2 NEW

Thanks to dual-pane interface and a list of handy features, managing your Backblaze cloud accounts has never been easier. Obtain quick access to your online files with no need to copy or synchronize any data with your Mac.

Commander One supports integration of numerous B2 cloud accounts.

One app – lots of devices

Commander One works fantastic with iOS, Android along with MTP enabled devices. Thanks to this FileZilla Mac alternative you do not need to have lots of apps to work with all your devices, as Commander one can replace them all.
Commander One mount mobile devices
iOS file transfer

Plug your iOS device to your Mac and it will automatically appear on the connected devices section. Commander One mounts your iOS device as a disk and lets you access the User/Media folder.

Make the content of your iPhone or iPad easily accessible.

MTP file transfer

By using Commander One you can effortlessly mount any MTP enabled devices and access their files with ease.

Connect your photo or video camera and browse their content the same way as the regular files. The use of USB cable is required.

Android file transfer

One more great feature of this Mac FTP client is its ability to work with Android devices.

Transfer files to and from your Android device in a convenient way thanks to Commander One. Using this feature is also extremely easy as the only thing that you need is a USB cable.

Archive utility for Mac

Besides being a great FTP for Mac client, Commander One works as an excellent archive utility for Mac. The list of the supported formats is quite impressive. Work with a variety of file types including, ZIP, RAR, TBZ, TGZ and 7zip.

Benefit from the ability to search through compressed archives and way more.

Process Viewer

Control all running processes with this Mac FileZilla alternative. Have the detailed information about all active processes displayed on the screen of your Mac.

Quit one or all of them in a single click and whenever you need it.

>Built-in Terminal

Launch Terminal emulator to quickly do any command line things.
/Advanced <ctrl+o>
Quickly open Terminal with a help of a shortcut directly in Commander One to facilitate your workflow.

Commander One full features list

# Features Free PRO Pack
1 2 panels with 3 view modes and unlimited tabs
2 Multiple selection
3 File operations queue
4 Rename files during copy and move operations
5 Set up custom hotkeys for any action
6 Work with local and network drives
7 Customizable fonts & colors
8 Spotlight search
9 Show hidden files
10 Advanced search with regular expressions

Support for Themes

To make things better and enjoyable, you can customize Commander One to your personal taste as the app offers a lot of color themes to make your own unique appearance.
Commander One blue theme
Frequently Asked Questions
FileZilla is a great free FTP client with a simple GUI that makes it easy to complete all FTP tasks.
Most FTP clients, including FileZilla, support all FTP, FTPS, FTPES, and SFTP protocols. FileZilla itself always tries FTPS before using unencrypted FTP. In other words, FileZilla is rather a safe app but you should not rely on any third parties to protect your sensitive data and use encrypting apps to guarantee data confidentiality.
You can connect to FTP on Mac by using built-in tools and third-party programs for various purposes, for instance, Commande One.
Commander One is a great alternative to FileZilla. The app features the most necessary tools and is rather convenient for beginners as well as savvy users.

Commander One

This dual panel file manager for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.13 and later. Requires 52.05MB of free space, latest version 3.8(3888) Released , Category: Utilities
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