Multiple connections

Map as many WebDAV servers as needed at the same time with this macOS WebDAV client.

Easy access to WebDAV server

Access online data as any other folder on your Mac by connecting the WebDAV server using Commander One.

Transfer files among servers

Transfer files directly between servers and benefit from centralized management, without copying any data to local Mac.

How to connect a WebDAV server on Mac


Download, install and launch Commander One.

Download Commander One for Mac

Navigate to the Connections Manager.

Commander One connection window

Choose WebDAV, then provide server details and login credentials.

Choose WebDAV

You can now seamlessly access the WebDAV server and work with files as if they were stored on your local disk.

Work with files

Connect to WebDAV server

WebDAV, short for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning, is an extension of the HTTP protocol that allows users to remotely access, edit, and organize files over the Internet, facilitating collaborative file management on web servers. That is, WebDAV is such a replacement for FTP protocols.

With the help of this WebDAV macOS client, you can seamlessly connect to the remote server from your computer that guarantees complete control over the files on the server.

Flawless and effective file transfer is achieved due to support for multiple connections and unlimited tabs. Enjoy convenient work with remote files and folders via this Mac WebDAV client.

Cloud connection manager

All your cloud storages are easy to access and work within Commander One in a fast and reliable way.

Frequently Asked Questions

WebDAV client is used to establish a connection between users and a web server so they can upload and download files. While using WebDAV clients, users can edit and collaborate on files on a WebDAV server.

Connect to WebDAV via a special client and you will be able to access files on a remote server and perform general operations with them, as reading, downloading, copying, deleting files, etc.

In the Finder menu, navigate to the “Go to” option and choose “Connect to Server” on your Mac computer. Insert the address of your WebDAV server, click the “Connect” button. Specify the name of connection, WebDAV URL, username and password of an account to access the folder. Click “Connect”. You have connected to the specified folder using the WebDAV protocol.

We recommend you Commander One, the app has a user-friendly interface and offers an impressive set of features to facilitate your file management.

Both protocols come with benefits and downsides. The difference is made by what the user’s needs are and, in the end, it doesn’t make a difference when using Commander One. The software delivers the best service no matter the protocol or server you’re using. You’ll get unlimited access to your data and a wide list of functions to manage everything.