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Map OneDrive as a Network Drive on Mac

OneDrive provides convenience and security for creating documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and notes.

Commander One, a reliable FTP client for Mac, lets you connect to cloud drives and remote servers, making it extremely easy and efficient to work with online files. Map OneDrive as a local network location and view, edit, create and modify your files in an intuitive two-pane interface using the Commander One app.

Commander One is a powerful OneDrive client for Mac

Commander One makes it easy to access online files and folders in Microsoft OneDrive by mounting it as a local drive on your Mac. Users can edit and save documents without first copying them to their computer hard drive. You get nimble accessibility to all your cloud drives and remote servers from an intuitive dual-pane interface with Commander One.

Utilize multiple connections for greater performance

Most users maintain multiple OneDrive accounts for personal, work, and side hustles. There’s no limit to the number of accounts you can connect to your computer using Commander One. Link all your cloud drive accounts and quickly transfer files between them.

Effortless file transfers between cloud storage accounts

When you use Commander One to mount OneDrive as a network drive, it eliminates the need to save files before transferring them across cloud drives and remote servers. You can map all your cloud storage as local drives using Commander One. The dual-panel interface allows users to drag and drop files and folders across their cloud accounts.

Get powerful encryption for uploading to cloud services and web servers

Commander One provides you the same peace of mind as the cloud drives and remote servers you use. This third-party app encrypts your accounts for Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and remote server access through FTP/SFTP/WebDAV.
Yoo-hoo! Commander One runs natively on Mac computers with Apple silicon: M1 and M2 series!
Commander One

How to Mount Microsoft OneDrive as a local network drive location

You can mount your OneDrive as a local network drive using Commander One and have instant, easy access to all your content. Using the Commander One app, you can have the convenience of editing documents on your desktop without taking up space on your hard drive. Plus, users only need to enter their credentials once – Commander One syncs all your settings, so you only have to enter your login once.
Download and install Commander One
Open the app and navigate to the Connections Manager in the top toolbar
Select Microsoft OneDrive from the cloud drive options
Commander One automatically opens a browser window to log in and allows access to create, edit, and delete content
All your files and folders in your OneDrive will appear in one of the Commander One panes, where you can create new content, edit, or save files
You can open multiple cloud drives on Commander One at once and use the drag and drop feature to move files and entire folders between the two quickly
It’s not uncommon to use multiple cloud drives between your job, hobbies, and personal content. Now, you can effortlessly edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets without the hassle of copying them to your computer.

Support for encryption on online connections

  • Web services (FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV)
  • Cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more)
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Encrypt data

Use Commander One to access cloud drives

Commander One supports Mac operating system, making it easy to manage your data on both your work and home computer systems. Users can enjoy the same dual-pane performance and drag and drop file management between cloud drives. Navigate between cloud accounts from your desktop, so you’ll always have access to the most recent documents and files. Commander One provides the same powerful functionality, regardless if you’re operating from Mac:

  • Dual panel file management
  • Customizable interface and hotkeys
  • Manage multiple files and folders at once
  • Unlimited tabs for running unlimited projects at once

Replace Finder with Commander One and get access to remote servers and cloud accounts all from your desktop.

Users love the robust capabilities and intuitive interface of Commander One

Using cloud drives and remote servers provides greater capabilities for your work and personal projects. But relying on WiFi can make it more cumbersome than necessary to create and edit files. Commander One is a OneDrive and FTP client that enables you to mount local network locations without limitations.

Here are some of the reasons users love using Commander One:

  • Mount all your cloud drives and remote servers in a single app for unparalleled convenience
  • Quickly transfer files between cloud drives and servers without first saving them to your computer – just drag and drop
  • Use the file queue to upload files in the background of the app to improve your workflow
  • Commander One remembers all your credentials for your accounts – enter them once for nimble file access
  • The dual-pane window lets you manage multiple accounts at once
  • Powerful encryption for uploading files to all your drives and remote servers

In addition to the components users love, the Commander One is a Microsoft OneDrive Mapper with responsive features for an unparalleled interface:

  • Customize hotkeys to your workflow
  • Open unlimited tabs for tracking multiple projects at once
  • Selection tool to only open the files you need
  • ZIP support to extract and compress multiple files
  • View and access computers across the network

Commander One organizes your data and streamlines your workflow when you operate across cloud drives and FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers.

Frequently Asked Questions
You can mount Microsoft OneDrive as a local network location and use it just like any other drive on your computer. There are multiple apps available for mounting OneDrive locally. Still, none combines the high performance with affordability the way Commander One does.
Once you download and install Commander One, it’s easy to mount Microsoft OneDrive as a network drive.
  • Navigate to the Connection Manager in the top toolbar.
  • Select OneDrive and enter your login credentials when prompted; Commander One will sync them for future logins.
  • Your Microsoft OneDrive content will appear in one of Commander One’s dual panes for instant access to create, edit, save and delete.

You can mount all your cloud drives and remote FTP servers with local network locations using our app and instantly transfer content between them all.
Adding OneDrive to your computer is easy using Commander One. It operates as a cloud drive and FTP client, giving you access to all your important files without opening multiple browser tabs. Just download and install Commander One, then sync your OneDrive account to add it to your computer.

Commander One

This Amazon S3 client for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.13 and later. Requires 51.85MB of free space, latest version 3.7(3831) Released , Category: Utilities
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