Utilize multiple connections for greater performance

Most users maintain multiple OneDrive accounts for personal, work, and side hustles. There’s no limit to the number of accounts you can connect to from your computer using Commander One. Link all your cloud storage accounts and work with them in one place.

Effortless file transfers between cloud storage accounts

Commander One eliminates the need to save files before transferring them across cloud drives and remote servers. You can connect to all your cloud storage accounts, and effortlessly move files and folders between them.

Get powerful encryption for uploading to cloud services and web servers

Commander One provides you the same peace of mind as the cloud drives and remote servers you use. This third-party app encrypts your Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 accounts, as well as remote server access through FTP/SFTP/WebDAV.

How to connect to Microsoft OneDrive


Download and install Commander One.

Launch the software

Open the app and navigate to the Connections Manager.

Navigate to the Connections Manager

Select OneDrive from the cloud drive options, then log in to your account.

Choose OneDrive

Once connected, you can work with files stored in your OneDrive account.

you can manage your files

Cloud connection manager

Commander One seamlessly integrates with leading cloud storage services, allowing you to access, edit and manage your online files - all in an intuitive dual-pane interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can connect to Microsoft OneDrive and use it just like any other drive on your computer. There are multiple apps available for connecting OneDrive locally. Still, none combines the high performance with affordability the way Commander One does.

Once you download and install Commander One, it’s easy to connect to Microsoft OneDrive from Mac.

  • Navigate to the Connection Manager in the top toolbar.
  • Select OneDrive and enter your login credentials when prompted.
  • Your Microsoft OneDrive content will appear in one of Commander One’s dual panes for instant access to create, edit, save and delete.

You can connect all your cloud drives and remote FTP servers using our app and instantly transfer content between them all.

Adding OneDrive to your computer is easy using Commander One. It operates as a cloud drive and FTP client, giving you access to all your important files without opening multiple browser tabs. Just download and install Commander One, then sync your OneDrive account to add it to your computer.