File management

Manage your MEGA cloud storage’s files by transferring to and from your Mac without the use of any browser. Move folders across different cloud storage services without having to save them on your computer first.

Unlimited accounts

Add an unlimited number of MEGA accounts in Commander One and easily transfer your data from one to another within the desktop app.

Multiple files transfer

Transfer various types of files across all your accounts, including images, videos, archives, music, and more.

How to upload files to MEGA with client

To download and upload files from and to Mega with Commander One, follow the 4 steps below:


After opening the app, click on the Connections Manager in the menu bar.


Click on Mega. Enter your login credentials (email and password) to connect Mega as drive.


Now you’re ready to access the files stored in Mega cloud drive for Mac.

Manage your cloud connections in one place

Commander One is your one-stop solution for seamless management of all your data stored in cloud storages and remote servers. Transfer files between them without any hassle.