File management high level

Make your workflow smoother with Commander One’s file management features. You can compress large files, create new folders, make aliases, and so much more.

As many accounts as you need

Add as many pCloud accounts as you want in Commander One and interact with all your data in a seamless manner.

Effortless file transfer

Transfer files between various cloud storages in Commander One without having to copy them to your Mac first.

How to connect pCloud storage to your Mac

To connect pCloud storage to your Mac in Commander One, follow the 4 steps below:


First, download Commander One on your Mac and launch the app.

Download Commander One on your Mac

In the menu bar, go to Connections Manager.

Menu Bar of the Commander One

Click on pCloud and a new window will open up. Log into your pCloud account and click on Allow to connect Commander One to your account.

pCloud in Connections is shown

After you’ve added pCloud as a local drive on Mac, you manage data directly within Commander One.

The added pCloud account in Commander One

Connect to cloud storages or remote servers

Commander One gives you seamless access to all your cloud storage services and remote servers. You can effortlessly transfer data between them and streamline your file management.