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FAQ/Known Issues Commander One

In order to connect to FTP via Commander One, follow the steps below: 1. Download Commander One on your Mac. Launch the app. Select one of the connection options…Read full answer
Yes, the file size limits are below: Dropbox – 350 GB; Google Drive – 5 TB; Amazon S3 – 5 TB; Microsoft OneDrive – 10 GB; OpenStack Swift – 5...Read full answer
1. If one cancels the copying process to/from the mounted MTP device, it will be no longer possible to work with it in Commander One. To resolve this problem...Read full answer
Below you can find a step-by-step guide on how to set an access to a specific Amazon S3 bucket for a single user (a bucket user-lion in the example): Go to...Read full answer
As you perhaps know, there are several versions of Commander One: FREE and PRO versions of the app, that we distribute through our website as well as...Read full answer
Make sure that the option Ignore system settings for F1-F12 is turned on. If not, enable it and restart Commander One. 2. When opening the app for...Read full answer
Check the table below to find the answer what kind of connection to choose in order to add and benefit from various services. Name of the service...Read full answer
Starting from macOS 10.15 Apple has tightened security measures and introduced restrictions on third-party apps. So if you want Commander One to do its job...Read full answer
Sometimes you can face the problem when Restart As Root option may not work correctly. We are working on solving this issue and so far the workarounds are...Read full answer
While using Commander One you can seamlessly connect Google Cloud Storage and benefit from this storage. However, to mount it you need to use Amazon S3 c...Read full answer
Amazon S3 GovCloud is Amazon's Regions designed to host sensitive data, regulated...Read full answer