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  • Mac Sources
    "Commander One is a high-quality file manager that is designed specifically for Mac systems. The design of the app is intuitive and the UI is aesthetically pleasing. The price is comparable to other apps in this category. While the app itself is easy to use, there are two different versions of the same app in the App Store. This can be confusing for someone searching for the app."
  • Macworld
    "A powerful dual-pane file manager and Finder alternative for macOS with built-in support for FTP servers, ZIP archives, cloud services, and iOS devices"
    By J.R. Bookwalter
  • Fix the pfoto
    "After testing Commander One, I can confidently say that this software is among the best file managers for Mac available on the market, as it lets you conveniently handle all your data with minimum effort."
    By Kate Gross
  • Make use of
    "Commander One comes with a sophisticated dashboard where you can perform a variety of actions, such as quickly copying large chunks of files, setting up an FTP server, instantly switching disks, searching files with regular expressions (RegEx), and more. The app has a tabbed interface, letting you juggle multiple storage drives with ease."
    By Shubham Agarwal
  • BizStack
    "If you’re a Mac user, you know the value of a smooth file management experience. Finder has been our go-to for years, but what if there’s a tool that could enhance your file management capabilities even further? Meet Commander One, an innovative dual-pane file manager that promises to transform the way you interact with your files and folders."
    by Cagri Sarigoz
  • thetechhacker
    "Even with the basic version, Commander One will provide you with all the necessary tools to successfully transfer and edit your files as well as do more complex operations. On top of that, Commander One is probably the best software in this category for this operating system, meaning that technical support is brilliant. "
    by Rahul Vsthala
  • Lifehacker
    "Once it’s installed, you get dual pane browsing, unlimited tabs, a variety of sorting options, an easy toggle for revealing hidden files, and more."
    Thorin Klosowski
  • Cult of Mac
    "This app is everything OS X Finder wants to be"
    John Brownlee
  • mactrast
    "We found Commander One to be a convenient interface, making it easy to copy and move files at will."
  • AppleWorld.Today
    "Commander One is a useful utility for folks who want to expand the functionality of the Mac Finder."
    Dennis Sellers
  • iPhoneItalia
    "The PRO version, however, includes an FTP-Manager, a Terminal emulator, a manager of the various processes, several themes to choose from, support for various compressed files including zip, rar, tbz, tgz and others, Dropbox integration and more ."
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Mac App Store Reviews
4.4 based on 1103 user reviews

No i Cloud support
I've been using this for some time to manage filed more easilly than the built in finder app. It works well especially managing data and my various HDDs etc. I recently wanted to sync and mode a bunch of data up to me icloud and noticed that not only is icloud drive not intergrated even the connection conection manage doesn't support it. I can connect to basically every cloud storage service OTHER than icloud. This seams like a pretty big feature gap especially for a core MAC product.
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Great Mac finder, especially reliable, clear UI like Total Commander
Very pleased to see this. Please continue developing 😉 . Devs seem responsive: I asked for alternate line shading in the browser….and it soon appeared in an update! Plug in options to add features would be nice. TC (TotalCommander) has been in development for so long it has most features one could possibly dream of-but I never use Win any more. Wonder what the Commander One development plan looks like?? I wish this were available the first 6 or 8 years after I switched to Macs! I was in total TotalCommander withdrawal (except for use in a VM). So I learned to use finder & pathfinder and don’t use CommanderOnePro as my only finder. But CommanderOne is solid and great! E.g. the archive features (different compress engines builtin, plus ability to view archive as a directory-without dearchiving) are better than most other mac file managers. And the design with the option of old fashioned function keys for copy/move--looks clunky at first--but is 100% more reliable than drag/drop for critical file management tasks. Plus this’ll give me directory sizes for internal or external drives instantly—unlike other finders which often churn away or fail to update.
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The Best File Manager!
Commander One PRO is exactly what I wanted/needed; a World Class file manager that is easy to use and has great fire-power. It does all the work of unifying my networked computers and allowing me to manipulate and access all of my files. I use it to see across both my Windows and Mac platforms, and to periodically play audio and/or video files on other computers. Commander One PRO was money well spent. I love it!
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The best dual-panel file-manager on mac (updated)
As a long time dual-panel file-manager addict, I have had at leaset one such on every OS starting from Norton Commander on DOS. Commander Pro deploys nearly identical hotkeys and functions from NC, which gives a flat learning curve. On top of the conventional concepts from NC, there are some features makes me want it to run on all the OSes I am using; for example: 1. Mouting cloud storage: this is a must-use functions I found myself cannot live without after using it. Managing files locally from multiple cloud storages by keyboard without clumsy web-based UI is really a walk in the park. 2. Good CJK characters support: there are many apps do not properly handle unicode and have trouble handling filename contains CJK. I have handled a huge number of such files but haven't run into any problem. 3. Just found a super cool feature: Commander One is able to mount multiple directories from the same NAS, which OS X allows only one direcory to be mounted from a IP address. This make managing NAS much easier than native Finder, and so far haven't seen something similar from any other file managers!
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What Commander One’s customers say

  • By Ulas C.
    I've used such applications on Windows before, but after switching to Mac, Commander One seemed like a medicine to me. Every time I use it, I discover another feature. I hope they continue to improve. I started recommending it to all my friends. I recommend it to everyone!
  • By Aivars L.
    At that time, Commander One most met the price-quality criteria. With the introduction of artificial intelligence into everyday life, the situation will definitely change.
  • By PetPell
    Commander one provides the ability to access and manage all my clouds and network servers. Very useful application for archiving files, supports many formats.
  • By Edhar Mirazizian
    A very useful app, especially when working with archives I tried Commander One because I heard that it can open RAR. And it turned out that there are a lot of useful features
  • by Gregg F.
    After decades of Microsoft, I took the plunge and converted all my laptops and desktop data to a new IMAC. MAC Migration Assistant is seriously lacking in execution and directions. After wasting way too many hours undoing the migration mess, I decided to move my data the old fashioned way with an external SSD. MAC split screen would work for what I was trying to do but just really didn't give the visibility I needed. I found Commander One and it just really nailed it! This is what I needed, exactly. If you have a MAC, you need this, you really need this. I am now sailing through transitioning over 24 years of data and having the ability to organize on the fly.
  • Adhi S.
    As the alternative to Finder, Commander One is a capable file manager. The dual-pane default view makes it easy for users to move files between one location to others.
  • milesepit
    Compared to its competitors, this application looks very decent. A simple interface, multi-functionality and lots of different advantages. Everything runs smoothly.
  • Kyle Foden
    I found this file manager in the App Store. It's really handy! You can easily move files to external drives, flash drives, phones, etc. You can even connect a camera!
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