Best client you can use for Box

Commander One is a powerful Box client that lets you access all your data, be it documents, photos or videos, directly on your MacBook. It comes with lots of handy features, including different search methods and seamless file management on various cloud storage services.

Manage all your connections in one place

One of the features that makes Commander One stand out is its ability to handle multiple Box accounts. All you have to do is sign into all of your cloud accounts in the app and then you’re ready to start using all of them within a single software.

Streamline all your transfers

This Finder alternative makes it easy to transfer files between cloud drives and servers. You can move all your cloud data and access them remotely from any device as long as you have an active Internet connection. Simply log in with your credentials and let the app do the rest for you.

How to connect to Box from Mac


Download, install and launch Commander One.

Launch the app

Open the Connections manager.

Open the Connections manager Commander One

Click on the Box icon and log into your account by entering credentials.

Choose Box Client

Once connected, you will be able to access, view and edit files in your Box account.

Edit files in your Box account

Cloud connection manager

Commander One can manage more than just Box, all of your favorite cloud services are one click away from being accessed. Simply follow the simple instructions and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Box is regarded as one of the most secure cloud storage solutions and if you are using a powerful encryption tool such as Commander One, you should not fear about the safety of your files, as you are definitely secured.

Here’s how you can access your Box files in Commander One:

  • Launch the app after installing it on your Mac.
  • Go to Connections Manager and select Box from the list.
  • Log in to grant Commander One access to your Box account.
  • You should now be able to view and manage files in your Box account within Commander One.

They are both cloud storage services that allow you to store all your files online. Both of them can be connected to the Commander One app for easy and quick access. The primary difference between these two cloud services is that they’re offered by different companies.