Multiple connections

Connect an unlimited number of Dropbox accounts to Commander One simultaneously. This makes working with online files so much easier.

Efficient file transfers

Effortlessly transfer files between your cloud drive accounts using Commander One, without the need to copy them to your Mac.

Dropbox business

The app fully supports both personal (Basic and Pro) and Business Dropbox accounts. Enjoy seamless Commander One integration with Dropbox Business.

How to map Dropbox on Mac


Download, install and launch Commander One.

Download Commander One

Open Connections Manager.

Commander One connections window

Select Dropbox, then follow the login instructions in your browser.

Select Dropbox

Now you can view, edit, and manage files in your Dropbox account.

Manage your files

Cloud connection manager

Commander One unites all your clouds in one place. Enjoy the fast and reliable way to work with your cloud content.