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Commander One MAS vs Commander One PRO Pack differences

As you perhaps know, there are several versions of Commander One: FREE and PRO versions of the app, that we distribute through our website as well as Commander One versions at the Mac App Store.

Please, note that MAS version of Commander One and Commander One PRO from our site are different products with different sets of features. So let’s compare these two products so that you can choose the best option for you.

Commander One from the Mac App Store has several limitations comparing to the PRO version from our website. Due to Apple sandbox restrictions, MAS version of the software cannot:

  • Quit processes
  • Mount iOS devices
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Restart as root
  • Ignore system settings for F1-F12
  • Eject local drives

You can see the full comparison chart below:

# Features PRO Pack MAS
1 2 panels with 3 view modes and unlimited tabs
2 Multiple selection
3 File operations queue
4 Rename files during copy and move operations
5 Set up custom hotkeys for any action
6 Work with local and network drives
7 Customizable fonts & colors
8 Spotlight search
9 Show hidden files
10 Advanced search with regular expressions