Move files among servers

Transfer files between remote servers and cloud drive accounts directly, without having to copy them to your Mac.

Edit and view files with ease

Work with files as if they were stored locally. Delete, copy, move, and edit them right from the Commander One work panel.

Connect multiple servers

Simultaneously connect as many remote servers as you need to increase productivity and streamline workflows.

How to сonnect to SFTP using Commander One


Download and install Commander One on your Mac.

Instal Commander One on your Mac

Open the app and access the Connections Manager.

Navigate to the connection window Commander One

Select SFTP and enter the required settings.

Connect to SFTP with Commander One for Mac

Once you’ve filled in all the fields, click Connect.

Click Connect

Cloud connection manager

Access all your cloud storage services and remote servers in one convenient location. Manage your online files quickly and easily.