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Looking for a reliable SFTP client Mac app? It’s time to stop searching because Commander One is the best solution out there. It offers a dual-panel file manager, combined with the functionality of an SFTP Macintosh client, and cloud computing. Furthermore, the Mac Terminal emulator makes it extremely easy for users to manage their data from various environments.
Yoo-hoo! Commander One is now natively compatible with Apple M1-powered Macs!
Commander One

Top-Level Dual-Panel Functionality

When talking about an SFTP client, Mac users mostly focus on functionality and want solutions that get the job done fast and as smooth as possible. Commander One is the SFTP for Mac that offers both traits and many more, starting with the two-panel interface. Having to always exchange windows and tabs is tiresome and can make it easy for users to lose track of what they are doing. That’s why Commander One allows you to open two folders in the same window.

Furthermore, you get an unlimited number of tabs to easily organize your data. There are no limitations when it comes to supported file types so you can literally store anything here. And since we’re talking about the functionality provided by this FTP client software, you will definitely love the hotkeys you can easily set up to move even faster!

Hotkey Support

Everyone’s familiar with the ⌘+ C and ⌘ + V hotkeys that are used pretty much on every operating system for Copy and Paste operations. Well, why not go further than that when using this OSX SFTP client? You can easily set hotkeys to delete, show contents of a package, edit, reload, or duplicate any data in Command One.

Even more than that, you can set more intricate key combinations so you rarely need to use the mouse and make everything faster.

Command Line

If you know your way around some code, you will love the Command Line feature. You won’t have to launch the Terminal separately when using Commander One.

The command line combined with the Mac Terminal emulator that comes with the app will ensure that your file structure and processes are perfectly dealt with.

Unlimited File Operations

When using Commander One, you don’t only get an exceptional SFTP client Mac app, but you also get a very powerful file manager. You can easily move, copy, delete, or duplicate files in a blink of an eye. Create queues of operations on files and take steps towards automating the process.

Thanks to the viewer that comes with the app, you will be able to instantly check what’s inside of a specific file. Also, the root access grants you full control over everything stored.


Forget About Disk Space Requirements and Save Lots of Time

By adding the cloud computing services offered by Commander One through remote services, you will no longer have to worry about running out of disk space.

The data you store online is accessible just as fast as if it was stored on your HDD or SSD and the various mechanisms built in this SFTP Mac client allow you to easily make alterations or move things around without losing too much time.

Commander one is 12 times faster compared to just using Finder, and you only pay a fraction of what you’d spend on other similar apps.

Two panels help accelerate your file operations speed tremendously

Commander One
12x faster

$475 cheaper than other solutions

10 in One
10 apps

Enlarge your Disk Space*

Macintosh HD • 128 GB
+47.26 GB
Mac SFTP Client Built-in
Easily access the remote servers through SFTP, FTP, or even FTPS. Enjoy the ease of operation offered by the two panels and take efficiency to the next level. Furthermore, the operation speed of Commander one makes it one of the best free SFTP Mac clients out there.
Add Plugins to Work Even Easier
Soon you will be able to add plugins to Commander one. Third-party developers and functions will be added to our SFTP Mac client to make it even more versatile and functional. The aim is to make Commander One the go-to solution for everyone looking for fast, secure, and easy to use clients.
Easy on the Eyes
The standard Commander One user interface makes it one of the most-appealing SFTP GUI Mac apps out there. However, what if you could take it to the next step and enjoy a night theme? Less eye stress means more efficiency and more hours spent in the app to get the job done.

Connection to Servers

You’ve already learned about the various features and functionalities offered by Commander one. We’ve mentioned that it can connect to remote servers as well and you can do so through SFTP and FTPS protocols with ease. It’s compatible with Keychain as well so you can stare your passwords and settings there.

Countless Connections

Commander One SFTP client Mac app can be used as a connection manager, maintaining all your remote protocols in one app. By doing so, all the connections remain active and you can enjoy the improved speed of not having to log in every time you need to use something on a remote server.

OS X SFTP Server as a Regular Drive

Besides creating numerous connections, you can use Commander one to mount remote servers as local storage units. You can then easily perform all the common tasks like deleting, moving, copying, or editing as if you were working with your internal memory only.

Improved Security with Built-In Encryption

When you Choose Commander One as your SFTP software for Mac, on top of the features we’ve mentioned so far, you will also get an extra layer of protection. The top-level encryption applied by Commander One guarantees your files will never be accessed by anyone else.
  • Web services (FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV)
  • Cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more)
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Reviews by popular media

"This app is everything OS X Finder wants to be"
John Brownlee
"Here’s a good example of a Mac utility which could be used to replace the Finder with a laundry list of more useful, albeit somewhat geeky, features."
Jack D. Miller
"Once it’s installed, you get dual pane browsing, unlimited tabs, a variety of sorting options, an easy toggle for revealing hidden files, and more."
Thorin Klosowski
"We found Commander One to be a convenient interface, making it easy to copy and move files at will."
Chris Hauk

Frequently Asked Questions

Enabling SFTP is actually easier than FTP on Mac:

  • Launch System Preferences and go to "Sharing";
  • Select the Remote Login checkbox to enable SSH and SFTP.

You can check if SFTP is working by typing this at the command line: sftp localhost

  • FTP does not provide any secure channel for transferring files between hosts, whereas SFTP provides a secure channel for transferring files between hosts on a network.
  • FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol, while SFTP is short for Secure File Transfer Protocol.
  • FTP is a service provided by TCP / IP. However, SFTP is part of the SSH protocol, which is the remote login information.
  • FTP establishes a connection using a control connection on TCP port 21. On the other hand, SFTP transfers a file over a secure SSH connection between the client and the server.
  • FTP transfers the password and data in plain text, while SFTP encrypts the data before sending it to another host.
Go to System Preferences → Sharing → select the Remote Login. In the block "Allow access", it is advisable to select the item "Only to these users" and specify your user.
There are a lot of SFTP clients for Mac. They all differ from each other by the price and set of features. We recommend Commander One a perfect file manager that supports work with SFTP protocol as well as other popular cloud storages.

Commander One Languages

  • Czech
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Українська
  • Magyar
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polski
  • Russian
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Commander One

This FTP for Mac client is fully compatible with macOS 10.12 and later. Requires 58.68MB of free space, latest version 3.3(3508) Released 8 Sep, 2021

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