How to Edit ZIP File without Extracting/Unzipping via Commander One

Commander One lets you edit files within archives, without the need to unzip them first. To modify compressed files via Commander One, follow the steps below.

* Commander One can modify files within archives of the following formats: .zip, .7z, .txz(.tar.xz), .tlz(.tar.lzma), etc. For the full list of supported formats, visit this page.

Method 1: Edit file within a ZIP archive without unzipping


Download, install and launch Commander One on your Mac.


Navigate to the ZIP file and double-click on it.

A .zip file is highlighted in the left pane of the Commander One app

You will then be able to view files and folders inside the archive, create, delete, and copy them as you would in a regular folder.

The contents of the ZIP folder are shown

To add a new file to the archive, open the files in the right panel and drag and drop them into the .zip archive.

Dragging and dropping a new file to the existing ZIP file is demonstrated

That’s it! The changes will be saved automatically.

Method 2: Editing files in a ZIP archive


Right-click on the ZIP file and select “Extract file”.

The Extract file option is highlighted

The files will be extracted to the same directory as the ZIP file.

The extracted files are shown in the same pane with the ZIP file

To edit the files inside the archive, follow the same steps as in method 1.