FTP client Solution for Apple M1-powered Macs

Apple has been using the M1 chip in their Mac OS products since 2020. From a Macbook to an iPhone, it’s now their standard chip. And while the M1 is a massive step forward for Apple, it’s a different story when it comes to apps. Some apps haven’t updated to be able to support the M1, meaning that they can’t be effectively used on newer Apple systems. Fortunately, anyone looking for a reliable FTP for Mac can make use of Commander One.

Everything you need to know about Apple’s M1

You may have heard of the M1 chip. It’s at the heart of Apple operating systems, and powers their entire range of products. The M1 was introduced in 2020, and has evolved since then, with a number of different variants currently being used. M1 was designed to replace the Intel chips that had been used in Macs since 2006. It offers higher performance and faster speeds than were previously possible, and also unifies a number of different components into a single chip.

As a result, it’s come to be known as the ‘system on a chip’. Native Access M1 has been designed to ensure a smooth transition to this groundbreaking chip.

Native Access M1

Commander One is compatible with Apple M1-powered Macs

Commander One Mac M1 has been custom designed to work with all Macs. The M1 FTP app is regularly updated to keep it ahead of all recent developments, and it’s guaranteed to function with M1 without any difficulties. While some other apps haven’t made the transition, Commander One is aimed specifically at Mac users rather than other operating systems. This means that as the best FTP client Mac M1 option, you can rely on it for any file transfer and management tasks you may have.

The dual-pane interface of the Commander One FTP client for Mac is demonstrated

Main advantages

  • Supports a wide range of different archive formats.
  • Easy to manage files and folders, with a search system that integrates into Apple’s ‘Find’ function.
  • Efficient FTP function for transferring files.
  • Integrates with a number of different cloud storage systems.

Major features of Commander One

The following are a few of the standout features of Commander One:

Convenient file operations

Commander One is designed for maximum usability and convenience. The program easily integrates into the M1 Apple interface, letting you search directly for stored files via Apple’s Find tool. Your entire cloud storage, including Dropbox for Mac M1, can be reached in seconds by a simple search, making it easy to get to the files and folders you need. A dual panel and hotkey support make organising even easier. Commander One can handle FTP, SFTP Mac M1, and other useful file transfer protocols.

Save your time and disk space

Commander One M1 is compatible with all the biggest cloud storage systems. That means that whether you use only one, or a number of different ones, you can get to your files easily. By storing data in a cloud, you can save on disk space, and benefit from the many features many cloud storage systems offer.

Protect your online connections with an encryption feature

One of the most impressive features of Commander One is its secure encryption features. Most cloud storage systems offer some kind of encryption, but it’s often not enough. Commander One offers a quick, easy encryption feature that lets you ensure all your files and folders are completely safe at any time.


All in all, Commander One has a lot to offer. It’s an effective macOS FTP client that lets you move and manage files and folders with minimum difficulty. On top of that, it offers high level encryption that guarantees all your data is kept completely safe. You’ll need to invest in the full version if you want to get the most out of it.

However, given the number of impressive features on offer, it’s well worth the effort. If you’re looking for the best way to move files while using M1, we highly recommend Commander One.

Frequently Asked Questions

Native Instruments works on M1 but you may need to use a program such as Rosetta to get the most out of it. Progress is underway to ensure full compatibility with M1.

Mac does have a built-in FTP, however it only provides the bare basics. We recommend looking into the best FTP client for Mac, so that you can guarantee full usability.

We recommend Commander One as the best SFTP client Mac options. It has a range of different features and supports a number of different protocols, including FTP and SFTP.