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Commander One mounts Google Drive accounts as network drives on Mac

Google Drive provides global accessibility and automatic backup for workflow, including documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. The only downside is that you have to rely on WiFi to access and edit your work. Commander One makes it easy and safe to mount your Google Drive account as a local drive on your computer. Mapping your Google Drive on your local network location is just one of the powerful features of Commander One; it’s also a reliable FTP for Mac client.

When you mount your Google Drive locally with Commander One, you always have access to your essential files.

Commander One is a native Mac compatible Google Drive client

While cloud storage makes it easy to backup your files and access your work from anywhere, it can make you reliant on access to WiFi to create and edit new documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. It’s possible to use your Google Drive as a local network drive. Then, you can not only access, but create, edit, and download files right from your Finder window. Commander One is a native Mac compatible app that centralizes Google Drives with a macOS client.

Centralize multiple connections with a local client

If you use multiple accounts for work, school, social, and more, you can centralize your access by mounting them as local drives in your Finder window. Rather than waiting for slow WiFi or logging in and out of multiple accounts to access work or personal documents, navigate quickly between files right from the desktop.

Quickly move files between all your cloud accounts

Moving files between cloud accounts is tedious, rote work that compromises efficiency. Commander One makes file transfers easy. There’s no need to save files to your computer and then re-upload them to a new account. Just mount your Cloud accounts as network drives using Commander One. Then, quickly move files between cloud accounts right in Finder.

Get the same accessibility for shared files

When coworkers or friends share files and folders for collaboration, through GDrive or using a link, you can still access, edit, and save them on your computer in your Finder window. Commander One streamlines your workflow, regardless of how or where files are created and saved.
Yoo-hoo! Commander One runs natively on Mac computers with Apple silicon: M1 and M2 series!
Commander One

Commander One protects uploads to cloud and web services

Get the same security and control your cloud services using Commander One. The app encrypts all files for upload to all cloud servers and web services, including:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Amazon S3

Safeguard the integrity of your files while still enjoying the convenience of a local drive with the powerful encryption of Commander One.

Reasons users love Commander One

Commander One enables Mac users to access and edit their online files as if stored on their desktop. There’s no need to wait for syncing to the cloud to begin working or save files from the cloud to your computer.

Commander One

Here are some more reasons users love Commander One:

  • Mount all your cloud servers in a single window for easy navigation
  • Use the drag and drop features to move files between cloud servers without having to save them to your computer first
  • Streamline your workflow and maintain efficiencies by taking advantage of background uploading using the file queue
  • Use Commander One as an FTP manager with dual-panel versatility for working across several directories at once
  • Get total peace of mind with secure encryption for uploading files to remote and cloud servers

Commander One features an intuitive interface with handy tools and essential features, including:

  • Custom hotkeys and unlimited tabs
  • Selection tool to only open and work with the files you need
  • Extract and compress with ZIP support
  • View and access other computers on the network

Commander One offers the support and intuitive features that users need to operate as a professional, whatever the project.


Support for encryption on online connections

  • Web services (FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV)
  • Cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more)
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Map Google Drive as a local network location with Commander One

You can expand the amount of storage on your computer’s hard drive by using a cloud server to store your big files. Commander One lets you create, edit, save, and move files between servers without saving to your computer by mounting all of your Google accounts as network drives. Here’s how to map your Google Drive to Mac.
Download and install Commander One.
Open the Commander One and navigate to the Connection Manager in the toolbar.
Select Google Drive from the icons.
When the browser window opens, select the account you’d like to use to mount Google Drive to your Mac. You can map all of your accounts as separate drives.
Login to your Google account and grant permission for Commander One to see, edit, create, and delete files.
The folders and files in your Google Drive will appear in one of the panes of Commander One, where you can open, create, edit, or delete them.
Users can open a separate cloud server in the other pane of Command One to move files and folders between the two seamlessly.

Commander One streamlines your workflow and gives you uninterrupted access to your work on remote and cloud drives regardless of internet access. It also remembers your credentials for all remote servers and cloud drives, so you only have to log in once.

Frequently Asked Questions
When you mount your Google Drive to Mac, you can access the folders and files as if they were stored on your computer’s hard drive instead of the cloud. When you use Commander One as a Google Drive client, you don’t need internet access to create, edit, or delete files and folders.

To mount your Google Drive as a local drive, download and install Commander One.

  • Select Connection Manager in the top toolbar of Commander One
  • Choose Google Drive, and log into your account in the pop-up browser window
  • The files and folders on your Google Drive will appear in one of the dual panes of Commander One

Commander One remembers all of your credentials, so you only have to log in once.

Using Commander One, it’s easy to add multiple Google Drive accounts to Mac. Once you mount cloud storage as a local drive, you can access important files and folders regardless of whether you have access to the internet.

Commander One

This Amazon S3 client for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.13 and later. Requires 51.85MB of free space, latest version 3.7(3831) Released , Category: Utilities
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