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How to Use an FTP Client for WordPress

Some developers and regular users tend to think that FTP is no longer relevant and go for other solutions. However, this approach usually gets them more headaches than expected since there are a lot of unexpected compatibility issues and hiccups.

Especially if you run your website on WordPress, FTP is a great choice to upload files and manage data needed for various activities. Adding files to WordPress via FTP is a method used for such a long time and it has proven its worth over and over again. This article focuses on the various uses of an FTP client for Mac in collaboration with WordPress. So, if you’re looking for a great solution, we have you covered!

Commander One

Why Do You Need an FTP Client for WordPress

Let’s start with a list of benefits that derive from using the FTP protocol to upload files to WordPress and many other functions. We’ve selected the most important aspects and analyzed each one.

Client for WordPress

Secure FTP

First of all, an FTP manager for Mac also acts as an extra layer of protection for the data stored on the server. Traditionally, FTP connections were known to have multiple vulnerabilities. However, through the advancement of FTPS and SFTP the security aspect was improved. Even so, adding an FTP client, such as Commander One, to the mix comes with the benefit of data encryption and boosts security across all your connections. Through encryption, you’re making sure nobody but you can read the files even in the unlikely case of your data being breached by third parties.

File Management

Developers know how important it is to always have access to the files needed for a WordPress website. It’s even more crucial to be able to easily modify files and folders and keep control over everything stored and processed via FTP. The FTP client also doubles as a file manager that allows you to juggle all FTP functions like copying, uploading, renaming, or deleting files and folders.

Install WordPress

The FTP client is very helpful right from the first phase when you need to install WordPress in order to use it for further development. Easily access the FTP server through the dedicated client and start planning your website as desired. WordPress is the number one choice when it comes to self-managed websites and the wide variety of industries using this service is proof of its efficiency.

Install WordPress Themes

An FTP client can be used for much more than giving you the ability to access WordPress via FTP. It can help you install WordPress themes if you’re going for a self-hosted website. While that’s not the most popular option as users prefer to pay for hosting, you can do it with simplicity and save money while getting great results. Just use FTP tool provided by the client to add themes and customize your website as you need.

WordPress Themes

Upload Files to WordPress

Another function offered by an FTP client is the smooth and fast upload of various files to WordPress. Take the media library images, for example. You can rapidly upload files here and manage them as needed. Moreover, you can rapidly modify and manage these files if you need to make changes.

No matter if you’re uploading images, videos, music or other files to WordPress, the FTP will help you get the job done as long as you use it through a reliable client. And since there are so many choices out there, we aim to help you make the best choice for your website.

Change WordPress General Settings via FTP

If you want to change any general settings on your WordPress website, FTP is once again very useful. For example, when you’re unable to access the WordPress admin panel, the settings can be changed by connecting through an FTP client.

Here’s a short guide on how to change the settings using FTP to modify the functions.php file:

After you connect to the FTP server open the wp-content file.
Next, go to themes.
Access the folder for the theme you are currently using.
Locate the functions.php file and open it in the FTP client.

Add these command lines at the end of the functions.php file (don’t forget to replace with your site URL):

update_option( 'siteurl', '' );
update_option( 'home', '' );
Now you can easily change the settings and work on your website.

Create a Website Backup

One last functionality offered through FTP for WordPress users is the ability to create a backup for the website. It’s not exactly something destined for WordPress beginners, however, it’s not rocket science either. As long as you follow these simple steps, you should be able to get proper results.

Log into the WordPress dashboard
 WordPress dashboard
Go to Settings -> Backups.
Click on Setting in the newly opened window.
Under “Choose your remote storage” section, select FTP.
Add the details for your FTP server in the boxes where the info is needed.
Click on Test FTP Settings.
After the test is successful, you’ll get the confirmation message that the backup was created successfully.

Benefit of Commander One as an FTP Client

Commander One

Price: $2999
Free version: Download
Mac App Store version: Available here

Now that we’ve mentioned how an FTP client helps you with lots of WordPress functions, it’s time to check out the benefits of such software. Since there’s a lot of ground to cover, we thought it’s best to present the info through a table. No matter if you’re choosing Commander one to update WordPress via FTP, file management, or any other task, you can count on a great service every time.

# Features Free PRO Pack
1 Dual-panel mode with unlimited tabs and 3 viewing modes
2 Support for multiple selections
3 Queueing for file operations
4 Ability to rename files during move or copy actions
5 Customizable hotkeys
6 Support for local and network drives
7 Customizable user interface
8 Spotlight integration
9 Ability to display hidden files
10 ZIP archies search

How to Connect Commander One to FTP Server?

Finally, let’s go over the steps to use Commander One and use FTP to WordPress. No matter if you plan to update WordPress via FTP, upload images, or any other operation, the steps of connecting Commander One remain the same.
Download Commander One and install it on your computer.
Launch the File Transfer Protocol Client.
 FTP connection

Access the connection manager by either:

  • Clicking on the icon in the toolbar
  • Going to Window – Connections Manager from the menu
  • Command + F hotkey
 FTP connection
Click on the FTP&SFTP icon.
Insert the connection name, server address and port, as well as the login credentials.
Choose between active or passive connection modes.
Specify a remote path - the directory where the uploaded files will be hosted.
Hit Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions
Indeed, you can choose from a wide range of FTP solutions to work with WordPress CMS. We recommend choosing Commander One for its multiple functions, dual-pane operation, and friendly user interface.
First of all you need to install the File Manager plugin. You can do so from any WordPress plugin website. Once you do so, you will get the interface seamlessly integrated into the WordPress dashboard. Now you have all the folders and files available in one click.
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