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"This app is everything OS X Finder wants to be"
John Brownlee
"Once it’s installed, you get dual pane browsing, unlimited tabs, a variety of sorting options, an easy toggle for revealing hidden files, and more."
Thorin Klosowski
"we found Commander One to be a convenient interface, making it easy to copy and move files at will."
Chris Hauk
"If you consider yourself a "power user" and want the ability to tweak and fiddle with the functions on your Mac, you'll find it very handy — especially the pro version."
Dennis Sellers
"nicht nur der Einsatz als Finder-Alternative mit Dual-Fenster-Ansicht, sondern auch eine Reihe von hilfreichen Zusatzfunktionen und Werkzeugen."
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Commander One
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Commander One app

This dual panel file manager for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.12 and later. Requires 53.64MB free space, latest version 3.0(3368) Released 7 Feb, 2021

4.5 rank based on 89+ users
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